The Song Company — of Australia | BOARD
Michael Tidball



Michael Tidball was appointed Chief Executive Officer of the Law Society of New South Wales in 2006, and is the newest director to join the Board of The Song Company.
Press Release 9 February 2017

Stephen Anstice


Bob Prosser is a Canberra-based supporter of The Song Company and has been a subscriber for many years. He was part of a group that commissioned a piece for The Song Company to celebrate Canberra's Centenary. He can neither sing, nor play an instrument, but is an avid concert goer.

Leonie Cambage


An enduring fascination with the power of the voice and the intimate relationship between artist, voice and text is central to Leonie Cambage's work as a director. She collaborated with Anna Fraser for her performance of Berio's Sequenza III and her relationship with the company was cemented.

Anne Goldner


Like many concert goers I am overwhelmed by the very uplifting effect beautiful music can have on the individual. I am particularly impressed with The Song Company's commitment to regional Australia and schools programs - especially as they demonstrate the amazing impact of the human voice. A privilege to be involved.

Matthew Hindson


Matthew Hindson has been an admirer and involved with The Song Company for at least 25 years. He has been commissioned by them, and his students have participated in education programs. Matthew is interested in ensuring that the excellence and vibrancy of this great Australian ensemble is appreciated by a wide range of music lovers across the country.

Ian MacDonald


Subscribing to Nietzsche's aphorism that "without music, life would be a mistake", Ian MacDonald has wide interests in music, with a special love of vocal music, hence his long time attendance at and support for The Song Company.

Rachel Scanlon


Rachel Scanlon has sung with choirs around the world from the Royal Albert Hall in London, to Carnegie Hall in New York, and has composed and recorded choral music. Now based back in Sydney, Rachel is a qualified lawyer working in financial services and brings this expertise, along with her passion for music, to the Song Company Board.