Welcome to our new season of thought-provoking music-making. With music made and moulded in Australia as well as sounds embedded in a shared global culture, we invite you to join us as we dare to reconcile the clash of cultures and worldviews in sublime and unique vocalisations – songs beyond words.

At the heart of The Attraction of Opposites is our Subscription series of five mainstage concerts: Accidental Plans – a graphic reimagining of the life and death of experimental and Establishment-defying composer Cornelius Cardew; Sticks & Stones – a collaborative retelling of the stories of exile in the Levant and beyond; Forward & Bach – a reassessment of the musical effect of the Reformation and Counter-Reformation 500 years after Martin Luther’s protest in 95 Theses; Dreamers of the Day – including a nonstop dreamstate chamber opera with four pianos on tape; and Lully, Lulla – a mediaeval narrative of the Pageant of the Shearmen and Tailors, source of the heartbreaking Coventry Carol. New pop-up programs include songs from the 1920s & 30s inspired by The Great Gatsby and P.G.Wodehouse’s inimitable duo Jeeves & Wooster, and a whistlestop tour through vocal history, The Arrow of Song. In addition, 2017 sees major collaborations planned for Arvo Pärt’s St John Passion, Monteverdi’s Vespers of 1610, and the Southern Hemisphere premiere of Artistic Director Antony Pitts's oratorio-musical Jerusalem-Yerushalayim.

The Song Company has a new partnership with The Yellow House in Sydney where all the mainstage concerts in our 2017 season will receive a special Preview.

Accidental Plans


– the sunset not the dawn...

The extraordinary life and death of Cornelius Cardew in graphic scores and group improvisation.

Following Cardew’s journey from bourgeois artistic revolutionary to post-Marxist populist, and finally his untimely demise in suspicious circumstances (having upset significant parts of the Establishment), this operetta-esque happening gives some hindsight to his turbulent times and upside-down thinking. Threads in the story created with designer and writer Adrian Self include Cardew’s Forrest Gump-like involvement with major developments in 20th-century music, the trajectory of radical left-wing politics contemporaneous with the march of Reagonomics and the neocons, and the question: can popular music and culture can still change the world today?

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Sticks & Stones

Sticks &

– on the road to Jericho...

Voices of exile – music of refugees, migrants, and Displaced Persons.

Linked with the Road to Jericho project in the UK and the Middle East, and the work of Oday Al Khatib’s ensemble Dal’Ouna, these culturally discordant but sonically delightful musical forces present audiences with both Western and non- Western repertoire in a program of an intimate and accessible nature, with evocative tunes from Ramallah and Passiontide polyphony including Thomas Tallis The Lamentations of Jeremiah.

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Forward & Bach

Forward &

– Martin Luther's legacy...

From Bach to Batt-Rawden – new and old settings of Ein feste Burg and other well-known melodies.

Martin Luther’s tunes have been the bedrock of the Northern European Protestant experience and the musical lifeblood of composers from before the great J.S.Bach to the present day. Continuing the Company’s partnership with Daniel Yeadon and Neal Peres Da Costa, this program features three more Bach motets (whose texts also include Martin Luther’s translation of the Psalms), interspersed with five new Australian settings of Luther’s tunes, and recent completions of The Orgelbüchlein Project – celebrating 500 years of the Reformation chorale since that fateful Eve of All Saints, 31 October 1517.

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Dreamers of the Day

of the Day

– living the dream...

A fantastical musical adventure exploring an Inception-like series of nested dreams.

From ambiguous start to surprising finish, this program sets out to fragment and distort the listener’s experience of slowly waking from sleep, with the focus on changing perceptions of time – at times pulsing and pacy, at others hazy and elusive – with new arrangements of some iconic pieces of Classical music, culminating in a part-minimalist, part-improvisatory soundtrack of four pianos plus electronic and real percussion, a talking clock, and a twilight heroine on a kaleidoscopic ride through states of semi-consciousness, where the stretching of the harmonic rhythm of the final Contrapunctus from J.S.Bach’s Art of Fugue portrays the fluidity of psychological time against the primordial relentlessness of the clock and Time itself.

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Lully, Lulla


– rocking the cradle of history...

The Pageant Of The Shearmen And Tailors ...it’s beginning to sound a lot like Christmas.

A program set within the narrative framework of mediaeval English verse, with seasonal music old and new that touches both on the joy of a young mother giving birth to the King of the Ages, and on the hard-hitting realities of exile, refugee status, and the ‘slaughter of the innocents’. The ‘Coventry Carol’ Lully, lulla is one of three songs (transcribed, arranged, or composed by Thomas Mawdycke in 1591) from the Shearmen and Tailors’ Pageant and is justly famous for its chillingly evocative tale of Herod’s rage. Woven into The Song Company’s telling of the story are new Australian and English carols, as well as a Gloria in excelsis from the first part of the 15th century with upbeat syncopations and happy harmonies that could have been written yesterday.

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Pop-up performances & Special Projects

Pop-up performances

& Special Projects...

The Arrow of Song, Monteverdi Vespers, Arvo Pärt Passio, Antony Pitts Jerusalem-Yerushalayim, and more.

An imagined episode from roaring New York inspired by P.G.Wodehouse’s inimitable duo Jeeves & Wooster and F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Great Gatsby...
A chronological program capturing the fascinating history of unaccompanied vocal music in a unique and entertaining timeline from early chant to contemporary a cappella...
A mesmeric modern masterpiece in collaboration with St Mary’s Cathedral Choir Sydney... more info
A glorious polychoral performance of the 1610 Vespers setting which Monteverdi published in the same volume as his Missa In illo tempore...
A cross between Handel’s Messiah, Bernstein’s Chichester Psalms, and 80s rock anthems – an oratorio-musical that tells, simply but powerfully, the Old Testament story of Jerusalem... more info

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